Yahoo Email Users Consume More Energy Than Gmailers?


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Recent study conducted by Opower claimed that Yahoo Email user on average consume around 939 kilowatt, about 11 percent more energy per year than Gmail counterparts. Yahoo users will spend around $110 more on energy bills per year than Gmail users based on their survey for 2.8 million American households in their database.


Credit: Opower

So how big a difference?? Enough to power the entire annual electricity consumption of Barbados for a year, specified by Opower.

Opower looked at the correlation between email address and electricity usage in 2.8 million households, spread across 23 states and some distinct climate zones across the United States. Roughly 1.5 million of those households are either a Yahoo Mail or Gmail users.

Opower said, “It’s as if, relative to the average Yahoo household, the average Gmailer is strictly hang-drying their laundry, forgoing high-definition TV, and hand-washing their dishes with cold water for a year.”


Credit: Opower

So why does this disparity occur?

  • Based on square footage data for single-family residences, Opower found that the typical YahooMail household uses 12% more electricity per square foot of living space (6.84 kWh/sqft) than the typical Gmail household (6.09 kWh/sqft).
  • Yahoo and Gmail users differ in age. On average Gmail users age to be 34, while the average Yahoo user clocked in at age 38. What does it mean? Youngster are often going out more; less time at home – and fewer occupants – means less electricity usage.
  • Since Opower dug deeper, they found out that Gmail users are also more energy conscious: “Among the approximately 10 million U.S. households that have access to utility web-based energy-efficiency advice tools that Opower manages, Gmail users are 30 percent more likely than Yahoo users to sign up for an in-depth analysis of how they can reduce their energy usage.”

Courtesy: Opower

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