Why Everyone Should Be Trying To Find Renewable Energy Sources

Why Everyone Should Be Trying To Find Renewable Energy Sources

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Renewable energy can supply a large proportion of America (one of the largest countries of the world) with the energy that they need. This means that renewable energy can easily supply many countries of the world with the energy they need too. Using renewable energy creates many benefits, not only for the environment but also in terms of economic security.

The benefits that will be reaped by the environment are obviously going to be much more beneficial than people first realise. The use of fossil fuels and nuclear fuels create many safety risks while also polluting the air and water, killing plants and other wildlife, increasing global warming and creating nuclear waste. By using renewable energy sources, such as wind and water, to create electricity people will not only be helping to protect the environment but they’ll also be protecting the future generations of people.

Pollution in the air is just one of the effects of burning fossil fuels and as clean air is essential for good health. Asthma is the number one health problem in children and is severely aggravated by air pollution; it is also a major cause of disease and death in vulnerable populations.

Dirty air and killing wildlife is not the only problems that people will have to face in years to come; the use of fossil fuels also affects water and land. Oil spills for example, have a direct impact on the area around them; oils spills are not easy to contain and they therefore affect much bigger areas than the original area of spillage. From the moment fossil fuels are mined to the moment that they are disposed of, they have a huge impact on the environment in some way.

The effects of an oil spill seem far removed from our everyday lives, however, the oil spills are caused because people are drilling for oil in order for it to be refined into petrol and diesel for cars. Coal is still mined because without it, barges and steam trains could not run. Many people often think that because they are not directly having an effect on the environment, there’s nothing they can do to help. However, this is not the case.

There are so many simple and easy ways that people can help the environment and one of the main ways is generating your own electricity. Solar panels and wind turbines are easy enough, however, they can be costly, but there are so many other ways out there. Take the Clear Edge 5 for example; this reduces carbon dioxide emissions, energy costs and also generates heat and electricity from natural gases. Every bit of power that is produced is used to power the home – anything that is left is fed back into the electrical grid.

Author, Sarah Johnson is an environmentalist who is looking at different ways of creating renewable energy. One of the most important recent discoveries has been that of hydropower that is now used to create energy across the world.

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