Where to Properly Dispose of Old Batteries in Your Area

While it can be easy to just consider throwing your old batteries into the trash, it’s actually against the law. Most of the UK requires that you dispose of your old batteries through a safe means of disposal. Usually this means taking them back to the store where you purchased them, or finding another available waste disposal. Currently less than 25% of used batteries are returned using a safe disposal method, which does actually harm the environment through landfills and other trash disposal.

Where You Can Take Your Old Batteries

Where to Properly Dispose of Old Batteries in Your Area

There are plenty of places that you can bring your old batteries for safe disposal, and most of them try to be within easy access of your daily routines. While you don’t have to bring your old batteries every time you replace them (you can save up and bring several at once) you should definitely return your batteries. Try checking in stores, city council, libraries, schools, and of course at your local recycling centre. You should also see a ‘Be Positive’ sign in front of any stores or area’s that offer battery recycling services. Collection points are everywhere, and you can often find them in local supermarkets!

Bringing Old Batteries Back To the Store

The easiest way to dispose of your old batteries safely is to take them back to the store where you purchased them. New British laws state that any store that sells more than 31 kilograms of batteries per year must have a used battery recycling bin, and must not charge to collect them. If you see a store that should have a collection bin but doesn’t, you can even report them to the Defra through their website.

Remember that it’s important to dispose of batteries because they can be harmful to you, the environment, and your drinking water. Most batteries contain chemicals such as Mercury, lead and cadmium which will lead into the ground if they are disposed of in the trash. Over time, this leakage can result in danger to human health!

Disposing of your batteries properly is easy; there are collection points everywhere and most collections will have a battery shaped ‘Be Positive’ poster in the window. This is part of a move to enhance awareness about recycling batteries and to get more people involved in protecting the environment, and people, from improperly disposed batteries.

If you still don’t know where to dispose of your batteries, try calling your local city council for more information.

After you’ve disposed of your old batteries, you can expect to buy new ones. You can find a wide range of batteries in all shapes and sizes online, and often at a cheaper price than in a store!

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