Understanding the Solar Water Heating

The solar water heating systems utilize the free heat derived from the sun too heat domestic water. The efficiency of the system can be enhanced by immersion heater or conventional boilers that deliver hot water throughout even when solar energy is unavailable.

Solar water heating panels on a house roof

Solar water heating panels on a house roof at Polruan, Cornwall, England, UK. Image by Ashley Cooper

Advantages of solar water heating system

  • The system is capable of functioning throughout the year with the exception of winter period when you will need to use immersion and boiler heaters
  • Since sunlight is a renewable energy source, you will greatly reduce your energy bills after installing the system
  • The system is exclusively green hence it ill enable you to reduce carbon footprint tremendously

Solar water heating systems functioning

These systems make use of solar panels known as collectors that are mounted on the roof of your house. The collectors gather heat from the sun which is then used in heating water kept in cylinders. Immersion heaters and boilers can be used as back up to help in heating water to the desired temperature.

Basically, there are two main ids of solar water heating systems that include: evacuated tubes and flat plate collectors that can be either mounted on roof tiles integrated with the roof. There are some larger solar panels strong enough to provide extra heat that can be used in heating at  your home.

The cost of installing the solar heating system can be high but the savings on energy consumption and maintenance cost quickly regains these costs. These systems have ability to provide most of your hot water supplies in summer.

These systems basically require limited maintenance. They come with 5-10 years warranty which further helps to keep your out-of-pocket expenses down. After the installation, it is essential to request you installation expert to provide you with a list of essential things that you should mainly be on the lookout for to ascertain the systems are in perfect working condition.

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