Top 4 Highly Rated Heat Pumps For 2012

Top 4 Highly Rated Heat Pumps For 2012

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The heat pumps that are rated highly in 2012 are superior when it comes to quality and performance. The criteria used to come up with the best in the market include whether they are built using quality components and whether they can be relied upon to provide dependable service for years to come. The high efficiency models are expected to reduce energy use and lower utility bills. With diverse product ranges to cater for different customers, the heat pumps are highly rated because of their good service record of quality.

Carrier infinity series

This is a very highly rated brand that takes the top honors in 2012. Using the best in advanced technology, the heat pump has green speed intelligence, which takes heating to the next level. The model has the highest HSPF of all heat pumps in the market and it is ideal for those who live in areas where they have extreme temperatures. The system has a very precise climate control device and it is very quiet when in operation. Homeowners who have embraced green technology in their homes have made this their heat pump of choice. These top-of-the-line products come with a ten-year warranty, which is a testament to their superior quality.

Trane Heat Pump

Trane brand has among the best service records in the industry, producing heat pumps that are durable and reliable. The XL16i model combines value and performance, with efficiency and indoor comfort being key. Trane also offers dual models that can be used with an additional gas fuel system. The split system is ideal for those who live in the cold northern climates. The cost of running the dual fuel heat pumps is much lower than other systems. Trane also offers models that are more affordable and have different efficiency levels.

American Standard Heat Pump

The heat pump is more affordable than other models in the market and it helps to reduce cooling and heating costs by 50% or more. The top quality heat pump uses two separate compressors for efficiency. The first one maintains a comfortable temperature, while the second one kicks into operation when extra heating or air conditioning is needed. The American Standard Platinum ZM comes with a warranty that is one of the best in the market. As one of the oldest brands in the market, the heat pumps manufactured are energy efficient and are a good choice for homeowners living in different climates.

Lennox XP heat pumps

These superior models offer efficiency and dependability to the homeowner. Those looking for green technology models will find this a good option. In sunny regions, solar modules can be used to run the entire system. Lennox heat pumps offer great performance and they are more affordable than many models in the market. They are very effective in providing the heating and cooling needs of the entire home. The two stage compressors produce comfortable temperatures in the home without creating hot or cold zones in different parts of the home.


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