The Hunt For Alternate Sources Of Energy Is A Global Effort

The Hunt For Alternate Sources Of Energy Is A Global Effort. There are a number of scientists, government bodies and universities worldwide that are all doing research to find ways in which they can substitute traditional fuels sources with the latest green energy. Many persons agree that as the natural resources are being depleted, the reliance on non renewable energy sources like natural gas, coal and petroleum oil has to be addressed.

The gap that exists between conventional fossil fuels and non realistic energy sources is replaced by alternate sources of energy. There was a time when nuclear energy was considered to be the solution to the problem. The copious amounts of energy that can be generated from a tiny bit of uranium was viewed as the way to provide clean energy as it would not have any negative effect on global warming. Over time though, it would also become depleted as it is not an infinites source of energy.

We can now examine a number of the typical sources of alternative energy.

Wind Power
This type of energy is drawn from the winds movement. Wind turbines, windmills and sails are used to capture this power. Windmills in particular have been around for a very long time and have been used to help grind corn, power boats and pump water. Using the power of the wind is really the process of collecting the kinetic energy of the wind and converting it to electrical energy that can be used to provide power.

A fascinating source of energy that can be viewed as an alternative source of energy is the growth in the production of Bioenergy and Biomass. This type of energy is constructed from organic plant materials like grasses, wood and peat and agricultural crops that are grown specifically to be used as a fuel to generate power and heat. Biodegradable waste like animal manure, garbage and compost are used as well to produce energy. It is a sustainable form of energy as forest as crops that have been used can always be replanted.

Solar Power
The sun has always been a constant source of light and heat energy. In straightforward terms, energy from the sun is a form of radiant energy which can be harnessed and converted into a usable form of energy with the use of photovoltaic cells. This form of energy is referred to as solar power and is another pollution free natural source of energy. It is fast become a popular source of energy among many business and homes that are trying to save in the long run.

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