The Evolution of Tesla Electric Car

Today, people who advocate green revolution are encouraging everyone to help in making our environment pollution-free. That is why a lot of programs are introduced on how we can save Mother Earth from destruction. In this sense, it is important to ensure that in every aspect of our lives we should think about using environmentally friendly options. This is also applicable in choosing vehicle that will not produce ozone-threatening smoke.

The Tesla electric car is a good option to consider as it is not only environment-friendly but also saves you big amount of money for gasoline and other motor expenses. This electric car was introduced way back in 2003 and more models were introduced as years passed. Nevertheless, Tesla motors actually started in 1930’s when Tesla manufactured an electric car with his uncle in New York. However, there is no solid proof if the vehicle had existed and if it really works. The only proof is that the name Tesla is carried on and became one of the leading electric vehicle manufacturers.

Tesla motors have joined the pool of car manufacturers and have established their own name in the market. Unlike other car manufacturers, Tesla motors became established in just a shorter time and obtain significant sales. This holds true that once a company is dedicated and honest in keeping their customers there is great possibility of success in the market. Likewise, it is also important to ensure giving something unique that is never been existed in the market.

Tesla motors ensure offering distinctive electric cars. Although the concept is not new but Nikola Tesla wants to offer vehicle that is practical to use. Thus, customers can expect that Tesla electric cars are high end and efficient in terms of speed, power and stamina making them competitive with the best sports cars in the business. Likewise, the electric factor also ensures pleasure and luxury of driving one of the top cars in the world.

The Tesla roadster is one of the electric cars manufactured by the company. This electric car can be seen on the roads of many countries throughout the world. It is a good looking and stylish sports car running through battery power. Over the years, Tesla Company is considered as the top manufacturer of electric cars. Consumers can take advantage with the stylish alternative instead of purchasing the conventional petrol engine car.

Tesla Company offers premium electric vehicle boasting its style and available in sports or family saloon mode. On the past years, electric vehicles are used as transporting vehicle in factories or disability vehicle. Fortunately, Tesla has changed the fact making electric cars ideal for practical and fashionable use. This is the reason why many people are convinced on switching to electric vehicle.

Although it is expensive to buy electric cars but it worth the cost in terms of the savings that you can obtain in the long run. The battery of the Tesla electric car can be replaced every three years. That is why the cost of maintaining an electric car is reduced. Likewise, using electric car is the solution for the increasing price of gasoline. If you are interested to own an electric car all you have to do is visit the official website of Tesla Company and discover what they have to offer.

Moreover, Tesla electric car provides optimum performance and saves you money as well as environmentally friendly. It can run for longer miles without worrying of charging the car. The good thing about electric cars is that it has faster acceleration as compared to gasoline cars. It is because the liquid fuel engines and electric motors are different devices that convert electric energy into mechanical energy. That is why electric motors produce higher torque yet lower turning speeds at the wheels.

The battery of Tesla electric car uses lithium-ion. As for the Tesla Roadster, it can run about 501 km in just a single charge. These electric cars are hand-crafted using carbon fiber materials along with executive interiors. It does not give tailpipe emissions and can be plugged on a regular electrical socket when charging. Likewise, it can be charged using the renewable energy such as solar, hydro and wind energy.

There is no need to use exhaust system as well as oil change. The ventilation and air-conditioning system is outstanding with custom-tuned suspension that gives sporty and comfortable settings. The chassis of the electric car is Lotus inspired and the acceleration is better as compared to the Lamborghini Murcielago.

Nowadays, electric cars are growing in popularity and if you want to have one the Tesla electric car is the best choice. There are many different models of electric car to choose from. All you have to do is choose the one that suits your needs and budget. Therefore, you can take pleasure riding an electric car without bothering about the gasoline price and at the same time helps in preserving the environment.

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