The Caribbean Looking Forward to Using Sustainable Energy

The Caribbean

The Caribbean Looking Forward to Using Sustainable Energy

The nations and the islands off the Caribbean Sea are currently pooling their resources to utilize all their options and use sustainable energy more instead of continuing to be dependent on oil as far as powering up their countries is concerned. Oil may be abundant in Trinidad and Tobago but to rest of the nations over the Caribbean, oil is a very expensive imported commodity.

In line with this goal, the Caribbean Community or the CARICOM held their second CARICOM Energy Week, a convention that is now held annually. This year, the goal is to provide more sustainable energy options to power up the green communities in and outside the Caribbean. The convention moves to increase the awareness of not just the numerous business establishments in the region but also of the regular people to do their own share in supporting the communities’ transformation to support sustainable energy systems.

Energy and its sources are very crucial to the development of any economy. This, for the most part, is the most compelling reason why rich nations tend to invest on sustainable energy structures. Over the Caribbean, Barbados had started building their systems with the installation of 40,000 solar-powered water heaters. Since most of the nations in the Caribbean region obtain most of their income on tourism, hotels with solar water heaters are saving them a lot of money. Right now, Barbados saves US$13 million in electricity bills using these structures alone.

Antigua, on the other hand, is promoting the use of wind turbines for producing electricity. This nation is on the move towards accrediting private institutions to produce renewable energy for the island. Doing so decreases the island nation’s requirements for imported petroleum. And as Antigua reduces its carbon footprint, it decreases its contribution on impending effects of climate change.

Barbuda, which is another small island over the Caribbean Sea, is looking to implement a 100 per cent use of renewable technology in their nation a few years from now. Their goal is to reduce the dollars spent on energy bills and use it to develop the country instead. They would build schools, hospitals, and other useful social structures with the money.

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