Switching to Commercial Solar Makes Sense

Commercial Solar

Lately solar energy has gained large popularity. With recent upsurge in the green phenomenon consumers are readily seeking new eco-friendly opportunities. Solar powered energy systems are eco-friendly, affordable and renewable, and are therefore readily becoming a strong trend in both the private and commercial sectors.

The benefits of switching to a solar energy system are many. One of the main benefits extends beyond your home and into the environment at large. With a solar powered system no fossil fuels are required to provide power. Thereby, you are not depleting our planets natural resource with the energy usage. The solar panels depend on the sun alone to provide you with the energy you need. Solar energy is clean energy; no fumes or chemicals will ever be releases in the environment as a result of the solar energy consumption.

Also, the sun is a resource you can depend on. It’s been with us for thousands of years, and as far as we can tell it’s not going anywhere. No need to be concerned about exhausting the supply of energy. The sun is yours to take advantage of, minus the worries of the environment. At times though you may need to relay on a power grid as well, like if during cloudy and stormy days, yet recently the reliance is being minimized more and more. More often it’s quite the opposite, you will be producing more solar power than necessary and you will actually be able to sell you excess energy to others.

Of course the most obvious advantage the switch to solar will afford you will be the savings from your electrical bill. Installing a solar paneled energy system has become more affordable and easier than ever. Since the 1970’s the costs have been reduces tremendously, something that you is simply unheard of with power companies. A typical solar installation whether commercial or residential will pay itself off in less than four years. You don’t have pay for the sun’s rays, so after that its money in your wallet. Plus typical solar panels and inverters are guaranteed for twenty five years, so the savings are here to stay. In addition there are many tax incentives available now to those that make the switch, and they may me expiring shortly, so right now is the opportune time to make the change.

Studies show, that a solar energy system adds tremendously to the value of the home or building. Homes show an increase in value by twenty dollars for every dollar reductions in annual energy savings. Aside from the savings that you will see, you will be increasing your home or investments resale value as well. Whatever your home or commercial energy needs are, switching to solar is one of the best ways to go green and cut serious spending off of your utilities bills, a real win-win situation for all.

Lisa Greenwald is an energy consultant for commercial solar MA. She has a vast amount of knowledge in alternative energy solutions and has assisted many clients in making the change to a solar power energy system.

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