StarEnergy INTI Solar Charge Point

As we are approaching the middle of 21st century, the renewable resources of energy (fossil fuels) are becoming depleted by an alarming rate heading towards energy crisis, which need to be tackled globally with immediate impact. The richer nations have come out with several properly chalked out plans, which has been implemented to a couple of extent. Increase in population and rapid industrialization need more energy. So the call is for SAVE ENERGY.

StarEnergy INTI Solar Charge PointRecently, Starenergy, a Portuguese technology based company has unveiled their new innovation: the INTI – Solar Charge Point that will contribute to reduce CO2 emissions and might help in countering the global issues that we have at this moment.

Basically, the INTI-Solar Charge Point is a solar-powered charging station that gadget enthusiasts can use to charge their mobile phones, tablets and laptops. In its basic version it comes with Wi-Fi distribution and in upgraded versions it can include video vigilance, street lighting (LED) and support for advertising.StarEnergy INTI Solar Charge Point

The model has autonomy for 2 days without sun, provides Wi-Fi signal distribution 24hours/day in a range of 150 meters and could charge 2000 mobile phones per day, with a 15 minutes charge each.

The StarEnergy bases its innovation in integrating the latest technology combined with a high level of technical and scientific knowledge, in order to ensure greater energy independence through the optimization of fuel consumption and reducing costs for its customers, while contributing to reduce CO2 emissions.

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