Solar-Powered Boat Traveling The U.S to Promote Solar Power

Solar energy could be discovered everywhere you appear due to the fact it is actually the power which comes directly from the sun. As a result of growing demand for renewable sources of energy, there has been outstanding advancement in the manufacturing of photovoltaic arrays and solar cells. Production of electric through the process of photovoltaic is getting doubled in each two years for pretty much a decade right now; the average boost is 48% every year. As a result, photovoltaic production could be the fastest increasing energy tech in the world these days. Every aspect of the solar industry is experiencing explosive growth.

In an effort to promote solar power, a solar-powered boat called “The RA” which hooked up with 15 solar panels has begin its journey traveling the United States with only a four person crew.

Solar-Powered Boat Traveling The U.S to Promote Solar Power

Todd Mahoney and Beth Corwin walk near the solar panels on the Ra, a solar powered vessel Sunday July 29, 2012 in Matlacha. The boat is on the start of a 6,600 mile adventure around the United States with only a four person crew. Image courtesy of Lindsay Terry/

According to Capt. Jim Greer:

“We want to show people that, yes, any person can have a boat and make a journey without spending $30,000 in fuel. We wanted to stress solar power and do the trip without any fossil fuels and without power cords.”

The Ra set out July 22 from Clearwater on what Greer is calling the Solar Odyssey. The adventure, as the crew terms it, will take them across Florida via the Caloosahatchee, Lake Okeechobee and St. Lucie River to Fort Pierce, and then on up the east coast of the United States to New York City, where the trip will go on hiatus until next April.

The Ra has several arrays of solar cells, one on each pontoon and and other on the top of the boat’s roof. The point of the trip is to let everyone in this world know that solar power can be used efficiently to power a craft.

Greer said the Ra has carried out perfectly so far and has high hopes that the trip – which would be the initial definitely solar-powered boat to traverse The Great Loop – will end up in the Guinness Book of World Records.


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