Seven Simple Ways To Encourage Your Family To Recycle

A common problem for environmentally conscious people is having to deal with family members who refuse to recycle. Not only are many kids pretty lazy in this regard, the same can often be said for spouses.

And when you are putting a lot of effort into being carbon neutral, it can be somewhat frustrating watching your partner/children failing to do their part. Should this scenario sound somewhat familiar, here are seven tips for getting your entire family to be more green.

Keep Your Recycling Bin Inside

Seven Simple Ways To Encourage Your Family To RecycleDon’t keep your recycling bin out in the back garden. This is a surprisingly common mistake and it is one that leads to a lot of waste. After all, nobody enjoys recycling when it involves going out in the rain.

You should keep your recycling bin where it is most likely to be used, in your kitchen. You might be surprised by the difference that this simple step can make.

Put a List of Recyclable Materials on Your Wall

Keep a list of what can and cannot be recycled next to your recycling bin. A lot of people aren’t entirely sure exactly what can go in. This not only leads to a lot of unnecessary confusion among family members, it also leads to a lot of perfectly recyclable items being thrown away.

Bottles/Cans Don’t Need to be Washed

In the past, most recycling centres required that you wash your cans and bottles before handing them in. Many also required that you removed the labels. This is no longer the case.

Most recycling centres now take bottles and cans regardless of their condition. Therefore let your family know that the recycling bin is now just as easy to use as the regular one.

Find a Close by Recycling Centre

Another way to encourage your family to recycle is to find a conveniently located recycling facility. It’s a lot easier to ask for help when the recycling centre is just five minutes away.

Take a look online to find your closest centre. It’s also worth noting that more and more grocery stores are now incorporating recycling facilities. Finding a place to recycle close by will also lower your carbon footprint.

Explain the Benefits to Your Spouse

If your spouse doesn’t appear overly concerned about the environment, try explaining the other benefits of recycling. The following three points are known to be highly effective.

  • Garbage collection isn’t cheap and the more you recycle the less you pay for.
  • Many recycling facilities will pay cash for old electronics products.
  • When you recycle your clutter, you end up with a lot more free space in your home.

Explain the Benefits to Your Children

If you have particularly young children in the house, a little bit of education can go a long way. Instead of telling your child which bin is the “right” bin, explain to them the difference between the two. You might be surprised to learn how keen young children can be about recycling provided it’s explained to them.

Choose Your Battles

Finally, if you want your family to recycle more, it’s important to choose your battles. Some recycling tasks are a lot easier to convince people to do than others. And when you get a little nit picky about the whole thing, many people tend to switch off and refuse to do anything. Therefore don’t be afraid to let one or two things go. You might find that doing so actually makes them recycle more over all.

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