Save the World by Cutting Your Home Energy Bill!

Save the World by Cutting Your Home Energy Bill!

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Low salaries, high fuel bills, and increasing tax rates are all dreaded trends in the world today. Saving money in this economy is next to impossible, let alone trying to cut expenses. But that’s why we’re here—to show you how to make the best of a bad situation. The following methods are small ways that will make a big difference on both your bank account and the earth!

Probably the worst habit a majority of us are guilty of: leaving the lights on. Even through the spring and summer seasons, our hallway and bathroom lights always end up staying on. Garden and footpath lights also stay on, sometimes into the day as well! This adds up overtime resulting in an unnecessarily expensive energy bill.

It doesn’t end there, though. Energy efficient light bulbs, contrary to popular belief, actually do the job as well as any ordinary bulb but are cheaper and better in quality.

Many of us probably get a winter, unless you live in a country where it’s summer all year long (yes, jealously detected). We usually end up spending a fortune on heating bills on our properties. The truth is, though, the majority of this heat escapes through poorly insulated roofs, doors, and windows. Studies show that 15% of total heat is lost through the floor alone.

Installing double glazed windows is the best method to save money on energy bills. Heath can also escape through doors, which makes it vital to fit an energy efficient door. Insulating your loft is by far the cheapest and most effective way to insulate your home and conserve energy to save money on your bills.

All these initial investments may seem counterproductive at first, but will save your more money in the long-term.

Water bills are another concern. The most effective way to waste water is to take baths. The solution: don’t take baths! Have a shower instead. The costs of running a bath are extraordinary compared to those of a traditional shower. A single bath can use enough water to run a shower for two to three people. If you live in a house with multiple residents taking daily baths, you can imagine how much money you will be saving.

You are not alone in your efforts to save the earth. The British government are trying their best to help property owners by launching the Green Deal initiative in October of this year. This helps homeowners who are currently low on cash—Green Deal will pay all upfront installation costs. Property owners will pay back Green Deal through money they save on energy bills. Schemes like these both save money on energy bills and help the environment—a win-win situation if you may!

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