Renewable Energy in Sport Stadiums and Arenas

After TV and film studios, here comes stadiums and sport arenas to support renewable energy. The Philadelphia Eagles, more particularly, has just started to call its team the green team. Recently, the Lincoln Financial Field is fitted with eleven thousand solar panels and fourteen wind turbines. Altogether, the system is capable of powering up the entire stadium for its lighting and ventilation needs for the home court games, concerts, and other events.

The Eagles wanted to be included in the first few sports teams to support renewable energy. And they are hoping that the other teams will follow suit. This team wanted to walk the right path and set an example for others. The wind turbines that are being constructed are set at a towering height of 15 feet, situated at the stadium’s northern and southern ends. The solar panels, on the other hand, will be installed from the southern site of the stadium exterior all the way to the bleacher seats.

This move will put the Eagles in the same league as the Seattle Mariners, which have already saved more than $1.5 million in electricity costs in the past year. But more than just promoting environment-friendly practices, the whole idea is to influence the fans that watch and support every home court game to do the same and be more environmentally conscious.

With some 70,000 people entering the Lincoln Financial Field stadium having a direct view of the wind turbines, they too will be encouraged to do their own share in the promotion of renewable energy and possibly, in supporting environmental causes. To achieve that level of awareness is the ultimate goal of the Natural Resources Defense Council. Partnering with different sport team owners is just one of their brilliant ways to reach their goals.

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