Recycling Is Easy for Everyone

Recycling Is Easy for EveryoneEvery household in most areas have now been provided with recycling bins that enable people to do there bit for their environment. This has allowed people to recycle more of there household waste easily all they have to do is to separate the rubbish in the bins and they will then be collected.

There are many different types of recycling bins for different things. They key is to remember which bin is for what. This can become very confusing for some people but as time goes by people will start to remember. It also helps that on most recycling bins there are durable stickers on the top to advise people what can go in each bin.

Before the bins were distributed not many people did actually recycle much. If they did however recycle they would have to collect it for a while then go to a community recycling centre or some people   have recycling bins situated in car parks of supermarkets. This can be a huge hassle for people first off that they would have to travel with all the things for recycling. These would also have to be washed out to avoid any spillages in the car on the way to recycling bins. This was also not very convenient as the recyclable rubbish would have to be stored in place that is out of the way such as a garage while it collects up.

The wheelie bins allow for people to put the recyclable waste in the bins straight away. This means that it doesn’t necessarily have to be washed out. But this should be done if the user desires the bin not the smell.  As they are collected either weekly or fortnightly they by bin men to save people time and money in traveling to recycle centres.

Most people have four bins outside there house a Green, Blue, Brown and black. However in depending on what area the bins are in there are different thing that should go in. but most are the same.

Blue bins
The blue bins should usually have anything made out of cardboard or paper. This could include cereal boxes newspapers. However this does not include anything with staples or sticky substances on such as envelopes.

Brown bins
The brown bins usually have glass and plastic in this can include milk bottles with out the lids on or beer bottles again without lids on.

Green bins
These are for garden waste and food waste this is in theory like a compost bin. These are the bins that can get very dirty and smelly. This is why people have set up business to clean the bins. These people drive around after the bins men have emptied them then offer to clean the bins out for people a lot of money has been known to be made out of this business.

This article has been written by Darrell Smith who purchases recycling products especially green recycling bins from

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