Realistic Tips For Saving Energy In Business

The Internet has been inundated with news stories, blog posts and articles all about methods of saving energy consumption in your business environment, but how many of them are actually easily achievable or financially viable?

This article aims to cover some realistic tips that can be adopted to ensure your business reduces its energy costs and its carbon footprint whilst simultaneously increasing its reputation for being “green”.

Renewable Energy Sources

Unless your business happens to be in the middle of a large flat field suitable for the installation of 30 wind turbines, you may be out of luck if you wish to run your entire building off wind farm technology. But what realistic renewable energy policies can be easily employed by your business to reduce your energy costs?

Saving EnergyWith business energy prices always threatening to increase from non-renewable energy sources, most companies have looked to solar panel technology. Recent changes on December 12th 2011 have meant that the purchase and installation of panels has become less affordable than before, but for a long term goal for cheaper green energy following an initial outlay, solar panels are hard to beat.

Business energy budgets which are normally spent on services such as water heating, or even mains water usage can also be easily reduced by looking into solutions such as geo-thermal hot water heating or solar water heaters and rain fed toilet systems respectively. The beauty of so many of these new greener methods is the flexibility and resourcefulness of the technology. The same geothermal solution which can save on water heating costs can also be utilised concurrently to facilitate under floor heating, therefore reducing your energy costs on both hot water heating and room heating too.

ICT Energy Saving Solutions

In the world of ICT there are daily technological advancements which can be adopted in your business environment for a “quick win” to reduce your energy prices. One such method is by using specialist software which can detect any PCs on your network that aren’t in use past 6pm (or any other elected time) and automatically save any work that is still open and shut the PCs down for the evening. This software is affordable and can save untold amounts on your energy bill.

Virtualisation is another increasingly popular and affordable method of saving money in your company. If you run a large ICT network with multiple servers all drawing power, a virtual server can significantly reduce your energy costs by removing X amount of physical, power using servers and consolidating them into one single virtual environment capable of running all your previous servers for the energy overhead of just one device.

In short, there are plenty of ways for looking to reduce your company’s expenditure on energy, but for a quick and easy, realistic target, start with easy to implement ideas such as your ICT environment before progressing to more investment heavy ideas like solar technology.

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