Portable Solar Charger to Power Up Your Devices

eClipse is yet another name for solar chargers, but it is definitely not just one of the other brands. You can expect this charger to do what you expect it to – collect energy source from the sun and transform it into useable power to load up the battery of your mobile phone and similar gadgets. But this one does a whole lot more than what regular solar chargers can do – it can charge multiple devices at a time.

Those who have used a solar charger before have certainly noticed how long it can take to make ready a solar charger to work on a mobile phone. That simple task could take hours. And do note that you can only charge one device. This is mainly because of the limited wattage that a portable solar charger can provide. That is exactly what eClipse is trying to change. Juan Moncada is the brains behind eClipse and he was challenged to create a solar charger that can do a whole lot more. His invention has the ability to do two things – charge several devices at a time and continue to charge whatever is connected to it even during the night.

Moncada equipped eClipse with high efficiency crystalline solar panels. These are the more expensive kind of solar panel but they are also the ones most efficient. The high-grade panels allow the solar charger to charge its own battery up to three-fourths full within three hours and reach its full capacity in as little as five hours.

eClipse comes in three kinds, with each one differing in its port and internal battery capacity. eClipse also has several USB ports for charging several devices at a time. Pick the kind that corresponds to your charging needs. These chargers are a must for every home where gadgets get charged very often.

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