PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Set to Launch “The Buck a Watt Stops Here” Campaign and Bring Solar Power (Standard) to the Builder and Developer Community

PetersenDean Roofing and SolarFREMONT, Calif. — PetersenDean Roofing and Solar announced yesterday that it would offer roof top solar power to home-builders for a “buck a watt”, as long as the builders hired PetersenDean to build both the roofs and solar power systems for the entire project. The other condition is that the entire community must be solar powered as well.

Standing at his new corporate headquarters in Fremont, California. CEO Jim Petersen announced the campaign and stated that since the soft launch in July 2012, more than ten builders in California have signed up for the program and Petersen expects to take the national lead in solar power with this new program within the next two quarters.

“Look, PetersenDean has a major advantage here, we are already providing the roofing systems for these homes, so we are already on site and our workers are already on the roofs, so the advantage here is overwhelming relative to our competitors. We intend to make a very small margin on the solar power systems, so as to bring our vision of solar power to the masses, regardless of income level. The cost of the systems will literally be a buck a watt to the home-builders in California,” said Jim Petersen.

The real beneficiaries will be the end users (home-buyers) because in California, the Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs) are charging up to .35 cents a Kilowatt hour for electricity. With a PetersenDean roof top solar power system, coupled with PetersenDean’s smart roof, electricity rates should be under ten cents per KWH and this is what excites Jim Petersen.

“Think about it for a moment, not only will end-users be able to have a best-in-class smart roof, but they will be able to make their own electricity at very cheap rates and best of all, they will own the solar power system outright, which will add value to their investment and not put them in a solar power lease, which could have troubling consequences at the end of the lease term,” said Petersen.

PetersenDean intends to formally launch the program and announce a new partnership with Builder and Developer magazine in early September 2012. However, interested builders can go use the “buck a watt stops here” program now by simply contacting PetersenDean at 1-800-564-0362 or at

SOURCE: PetersenDean Solar, Inc.

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