Pedal Your Way To An Energy Efficient Home

We are all looking for ways to reduce our energy consumption and become more energy efficient. Well with the help of a generator attached to your bicycle you can do both of these and keep fit in the process.

This infographic looks at the different appliances and gadgets in our homes and how they can be powered by attaching a generator to a bicycle.

An average cyclist can produce between 100 and 215 watts per hour whilst a professional cyclist can produce up to 500. This is enough power to power a small TV, a games console and even a desktop PC.

If you were to use this method of generating electricity for just one hour per day it could save the average cyclist up to $7 a year off your energy bills. Whilst its not a lot it certainly is putting the energy you burn whilst exercising to good use.

Pedal Your Way To An Energy Efficient Home

Infographic courtesy of Money

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