PAFA Pushing For Energy From Waste in The UK

The Plastics and Film Association (PAFA) of the UK has more than 100-members ranging in scale from SMEs to large multi-national exporters. PAFA represents its membership in the UK, throughout Europe and around the world. 

PAFA recently released a report entitled Energy From Waste UK. The report indicates a new posture from the UK’s plastics and packaging industry. PAFA members have embraced recycling and collection of waste material to be a solution whereby recycled goods are re-used and waste materials are converted to energy.

Combustible Waste = Energy

PAFA states that, “Energy obtained from the combustion provides the UK an opportunity to deal with the waste UK manufacturers do not recycle and is a modern and environmentally sound solution. By clearly signaling its support for energy from waste, the Government would be delivering key objectives from its October 2010 National Infrastructure Plan.”

Plastic and film manufacturers have embraced this concept as a resilient, reliable and secure protocol that benefits the country and the government. Recycling plastics serves multiple purposes, the primary being a reduction in waste and will serve to help the industry greatly reduce its gas emissions and reduce the carbon footprint.

Plastics and the Economy

In the UK, the plastics and packaging industry is an important part of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the manufacturing sector and export market.

PAFA acknowledges that the UK infrastructure is past prime. The government lagged behind the manufacturing sector in terms of environmental concerns. During the recession, energy prices trended lower but with the military-political unrest in the Middle East escalating, energy prices will trend higher in the midst of a volatile supply chain.

The plastics industry reports that waste could fuel no less than 10 percent of the UK’s electricity generation and a good amount of heat energy. In the UK, the plastics industry is here to stay. It is one of the few growing sectors of the economy.

The industry is hiring and building new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. These plants are designed to process recycled goods and to yield the lowest emissions anywhere in the world.

PAFA recognizes the need for the UK to expand the industry at home and abroad and to develop more plastic derivatives that are more sustainable. On the whole, the industry has invested heavily in research and development. Indeed, some new, sustainable plastics products have been discovered, but there is more to be accomplished.

PAFA has begun encouraging communities and local governments to implement meaningful recycling initiatives.  When they do, UK plastics and packaging manufacturers will be waiting for them.



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