On Paper Bag Use: Which Comes First, Convenience or the Environment?

paper bag

A bag made out of Candy Wrappers.

It has been proven time and again that plastic bags can do more harm than good to the environment. But the real question is, are people ready to sacrifice their convenience over their concern for Mother Earth? In a lot of localities, plastic bag use is strictly regulated if not banned. However, not all people are sold to the idea of making a simple sacrifice to reduce the plastic bag use and disposal in their city.

It is definitely going to take some time before shoppers make the conscious effort to bring their own bags every time they go to the store. Others will never get over the fact that they have to buy eco-friendly shopping bags every time they decide to purchase something. In time, though, this has to change. Every person should be able to, for the most part, do this very simple step to help save the environment.

Just think of the positive impact of the use of eco bags. Obviously, there will be fewer dumps in the seas and rivers. Second, impulse buyers would now think twice about shopping – if only for the fact that they failed to bring their bags to the store. Shopping will be more planned now than done purely on a whim.

Let us all look at the positive side of things. Just remember that there is a reward for every sacrifice and a light at the end of every dark tunnel. If we help save the environment now, we will be doing so much for our children and the generation after them. Begin a legacy that a lot of people will benefit from. Keep in mind that protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility. We all have to do our share, plain and simple.

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