Nikola Tesla’s Radiant Energy System

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla – “The Greatest mind of all”

One of the greatest discoveries of our time is the realization of radiant energy. Just what is this energy, and how does it differ from ordinary electronics?

Nicole at Tesla was one of the pioneers in this area. While doing experiments in Colorado Springs, he came to realize that electronic circuits, before the current begins to flow. There is a presence of energy. As soon as the current starts to flow, this energy disappears. What was this energy?

It seems there is a condition which many early scientist called ether. Apparently, this is either is a seething cauldron of electric static potential. Under certain circumstances, this energy is released.

Tesla was excited about this discovery. You can push a rot in the ground and connect it to your house and have as much energy as you needed. You could hang ordinary light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. Anywhere you wanted and having bright light 24 hours a day. The single magnifying transmitter, you could run trucks trains, boats and cars on this energy freely, without cost. The only cost to pay was building the magnifying transmitter.

Tesla was in the process of doing just that at Wardenclyffe, New York. He had the tower built, and all the necessary equipment to go along with it. She relied on J.P. Morgan, for most of the financing. The problem was that Morgan was interested in profit weather than providing a source of free energy. Therefore, he cut off funding for the project before tests could get it operating. Morgan also wanted to gain majority control over Tesla’s patent rights and projects. Tesla would have none of that and told Morgan had enough money for his projects. Unfortunately, Tesla’s laboratory was burned to the ground, thus losing a lot of his equipment and experiments. Morgan had effectively blacklisted tesla there for Tesla could not find any more financial backing for his projects. Plus a great opportunity to provide energy and unlimited form was lost for a time.

Tesla was a generous man. He worked with George Westinghouse to build the big AC generators at Niagara Falls, New York. Tesla was to receive millions of dollars up front for his patents. This was an agreement with George Westinghouse. Later when Westinghouse branded financial trouble, Tesla tore up his royalty contract, and that’s gave up millions of dollars. He could’ve used one and his projects. He could’ve been wealthy beyond measure for the rest of his one life. Instead, he died penniless in a rundown apartment in New York City.

The story of radiant energy guy with Tesla. Many people who came after him, and many today are rediscovering this amazing source of power. That would help Mrs. Smith down the road, who lives on limited income to have unlimited power. Everything she needs to never have to worry again.

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