Living Green New Year’s Resolutions

Now that a new year has started, why not shift from your old lifestyle to a greener one? Living green indeed has a lot of advantages and it comes with a lot of savings too. It may mean doing sacrifices at the start. But once you get the hang of it, they cease to be sacrifices and become a good part of your daily living.

living green

Start living a greener life

Here are some living green resolutions that you can start with:

1. Purify your own water
This does sound hard and entail some huge investments. But once you shift away from buying bottled water all the time, you are actually reducing carbon footprint – first on the production of the bottles and second, on the plastic that have to be recycled. Use tap water when possible and adapt the common water purifying methods to keep your drink safe, healthy, and well, cheap.

2. Avoid products with non-recyclable packaging
This is such a good way to reduce your trash. When shopping for anything, be sure that you get products that packaged minimally yet reasonably. Always keep in mind that you’re paying for the packaging of every product you buy. So order to save, you should always get down to the basic.

3. Bring your own bag
This campaign has definitely reached a lot of people around the world. So it must be a common practice for you to always bring an eco bag in the car or in your bag so you can just fish it out when your need for shopping strikes.

4. Use paper sparingly
Paper can now be easily removed your day-to-day living with everything going electronic now. Go for banks that support paperless forms. Request for your statements online and not delivered to your door. The less paper involved, the more trees are saved.

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