Keeping Your Home at the Optimum Temperature with Honeywell Thermostat Kits

Finding renewable energy sources is becoming important. As well as protecting the environment, alternative energy costs less in the long term – many being free after equipment is installed – and will be around for much longer than current energy sources used. There are many products that help with the use of renewable energy, including Honeywell Prestige Thermostat Kits.


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Different Options for All Needs

There are different types of thermostat kits available from Honeywell. Two that are now discontinued and have been revamped, include the YTHX9321R5003 thermostat and the YTHX9321R5012 thermostat. While these offered a great way to create the perfect temperature with the ability to set a program for up to seven days.

The YTHX9321R1011 thermostat kit is still available and is well worth the money. It offers the ability to read the indoor and outdoor temperatures and, like the previous thermostat kits, makes it possible to set up a seven day schedule to solve all cooling and heating problems. There is the ability to set reminders on the thermostat, whether you need help remembering to change the air filters or need to know when to change the batteries in the system.

Easy to Install and Use

The thermostat kits require very little wiring so are easy to install by yourself. This will help you save money. There is a full instruction manual to tell you how to set up your programs but it is very easy to use as the onscreen instructions are clear. There is no need to worry about setting the wrong timer or having the wrong temperature.

In fact, the thermostat kits come with a USB port. You will be able to set up your programs from your computer so there is no need to stand at the device and hope that you are getting it right. The Honeywell thermostat is touch screen technology. It makes it easier to choose the settings that you want and know if you are on the right section.

What About a Power Outage?

The problem with the electricity going out is that it affects many thermostats. The clocks turn off and there is no way of telling when the heating or air conditioning needs to turn on or off. The clock on the Honeywell thermostat kit works in Real-Time, which means that it continues to work, even when your electricity is off. You will not need to worry about reprogramming afterwards. On top of that, it automatically changes when it comes to Daylight Saving Time and you can change this function if you live in a state that does not follow DST rules.

Green energy sources are cheaper in the long term and better for the environment. Honeywell thermostat kits are perfect for those with renewable energy and will help you keep your home at the optimum temperature.

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