John Bedini Energy Systems

John Bedini is one of the few “living legends” in the free energy field.

One of the Giants among those working with free energy or over unity devices is John Bedini. John grew up in Southern California. He joined the Army after high school. John had a special aptitude for electronics, so the Army trained them in that area. When he left the military, he settled back in the Southern California area. It was during that time. It was working with audio and stereophonic equipment. It didn’t take long before he was designing his own equipment for the company he was working for. That didn’t set well so they fired him.

That didn’t stop John. He forms his own company, Bedini electronics with his brother. His specialty was Bedini amplifiers. Some of these amplifiers built in the 1970s are still in demand on places like eBay. His specialty was the Bedini audio spatial environments or BASE. This 3-D holographic sound processing remains the state-of-the-art.

Of course, John’s interests go way beyond audio and sound. He has been developing monopolar magnetic motors, for years now. These motor run on what John calls radiant energy. This is the energy available in all dipoles. It is the energy you get, in a circuit, before the current starts to flow. This energy can’t be measured, because all measured energy is wasted energy. This type of energy is little understood by most scientists today, but John has working models to prove it, and has been doing that for close to 30 years.

One of John’s famous accomplishments was teaching a school girl. How to build the motor that ran on radiant energy. The girl needed something for science fair. She called John Bedini over the phone, and with those instructions built this motor. The amazing thing about this motor is that it keeps charging the battery. That’s not supposed to happen in traditional electronics, but here was a working model built by a school girl, who won just about every ribbon available at the science fair. As John points out, this motor ran for five days straight on a 9 V DC battery. The battery should have been grained in a couple of hours. John says he has a motor like this that has been running on the same batteries for 12 years. The details of the schoolgirl project, and the diagram of the motor can be seen at

John is different, and that difference threatens people and their fixed ideas. Unwilling to let go of them, they ridicule him and say that what he does cannot possibly work, even though he proves it was working demonstrations.

John says this is not new. In fact, Tesla was working with his back during the turn-of-the-century. He understood radiant energy, and was doing many experiments to prove it. As John puts it. It’s running off the fact that empty vacuum, that is pure emptiness, is filled with rivers and oceans of seething energy. You just have to learn how to tap it.

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