Hybrid and Electric Cars Increasing in Popularity

We are all working hard to lower our carbon footprint; people are making an effort to recycle their waste rather than sending it to landfills, choosing solar power rather than using grid electricity and buying hybrid or electric cars rather than using gas guzzlers which have high emissions.

Hybrid and Electric Cars Increasing in Popularity

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Even though electric cars have been around for some time, they don’t seem to be as popular as the hybrids. This is probably because the infrastructure isn’t in place yet for electric car drivers. Petrol Stations and parking lots should offer electric charge stations, but without this in place electric cars are very limited on the distance they are able to travel.

While electric car owners can set up their own charging station in their garages, when they are out and about on the roads, they need to be able to charge up. Right now electric cars cannot travel vast distances, so a trip to Scotland from London would be almost impossible. Even if charging stations were available en-route, this would take time, lengthening the time it would take to drive this distance.

Hybrid cars on the other hand have increased in popularity, they are growing in demand on a daily basis. These cars use both electric and petrol power, when the battery runs low the car automatically switches over, just long enough to charge up the battery and then you are back on battery power, you don’t get any “greener” than that.

The advantage to the hybrid vehicles is that you don’t need an electric charging station and while they do produce some emissions when using petrol, it is nowhere near as much as you would get with a conventional car.

You may think that the hybrid cars are too small, most of the ones that I have seen appear really compact cars and this isn’t always the right choice. I need a larger car, what with owning a horse and dogs, I need to be able to pull a trailer box and throw the dogs in the car when heading to the beach, so I need a hybrid that is going to be big enough and enable me to reduce my carbon footprint effectively.

Hybrids are being produced daily by all the major car manufacturers, while there seem to be only a handful on the market right now, there are lots more in production or in design stages, which means soon enough I will get my hybrid car that can do everything my current conventional car can do.

Perfect for City Drivers

As more of these cars become available, enabling drivers to use these cars the same as their current vehicles, you will find even more of them on our roads. They are the ideal choice for congested or city areas where you can sit in traffic for extended areas, they easily change between petrol and electric, ensuring that your emissions are as low as possible.

Just think when everyone is zipping along our roads in hybrids what a difference that is making to our environment? We make so much effort in the rest of our lives trying to protect the environment for our children and grandchildren and hybrid and electric cars are the next step. Soon deliveries will be made in hybrid vans and trucks, reducing those emissions even further.

We get “green” companies now, companies that work hard on their delivery routes to lower their footprints, at home we make every effort from recycling and making our own compost heaps, rather than  sending our waste to landfills, which are already overflowing. Using solar and wind power over grid electricity is another way to reduce our carbon footprint and then changing the car we drive on a daily basis.

Cheap car insurance is available for hybrid and electric cars, enabling you to reduce your bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

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