Hog Waste to Produce Sustainable Energy

When wastes are used to create something more useful, that is a huge breakthrough indeed. Loyd Ray Farms has successfully created a waste-to-energy system, a project that converts hog waste into a steady source of sustainable energy. And because of it, the company was duly recognized by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association with a very prestigious award in business innovation.

The Loyd Ray Farm waste-to-energy system hit two birds with one stone. Aside from finding the best disposal facilities for hog waste, they were able to produce sustainable energy to power up the farm. Hog waste is burned to create greenhouse gases. These gases are then captured to run the turbine that will create electrical power. The result is the reduction of as much as 5,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions yearly. The farm’s waste-to-energy system is designed to produce as much as 500 megawatt hours of power annually, the kind of energy enough to power as many as 7,000 residential houses in a day.

The system that Loyd Ray Farms created can be used as a model to the other hog farms in the United States and possibly, in the world over, particularly the ones that are looking to manage their waste in the most efficient manner. The system can drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases as well as develop renewable power for the entire farm.

Loyd Ray Farms have been using the system for over a year now and so far, they are reaping the best possible benefits from it. The system creates more than enough to power to run the entire farm, including the five barns serving as cattle houses. If all hog farms adapts the Loyd Ray Farm hog waste management model, a greener and cleaner environment in the countryside will be achieved.

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