Green Enthusiasts Need to Grasp Reality

A good question to ask an environmentalist with a conscience is whether the environment is ultimately better or worse when people use green methods and green products. The facts indicate that numerous problems exist within green techniques. Additionally, the economy in the United States of America has suffered because of a governmental push to create green jobs and expand the green market. This idea, which was the brainchild of certain government officials during the past four years, has only led to massive economic failure.

Some citizens believe that current government officials created numerous new jobs, but the fact is that many of these jobs no longer exist. The market for green energy is a miserable failure that has caused the deficit to grow larger. Although it is a good idea to protect the environment, a bit of common sense might help to make the green movement more viable. People who promote green ideas need to open up their eyes and view the real world.

Green Enthusiasts Need to Grasp Reality


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