Green Economy: Does It Include You?

Based on report from a green energy and renewable research firm; bio-fuels, solar and wind power increased in growth by about thirty one percent in spite of the bad reports that renewable energy has been receiving since Solyndra went into bankruptcy.

The three sources of renewable energy made great strides where solar installations made almost seventy percent growth from 2010 to 2011 as a result of the decrease in solar costs. Also the largest installation of wind power station occurred in 2011. As an example China did installations which made up more than 40 percent of global wind capacity.

Below are a few things that persons who are interested in the development of clean energy should keep an eye on.

The first deals with the military: investments and installations to be precise. The military uses a lot of fuel sources especially when they are deployed. As such announcements have been made about coalesced renewable energy and energy efficiency projects to combat this need. Throughout the course of 2012 more information ought to be released as to the progress being in that area.

For more than eighteen months the push for the use of more energy efficient initiatives have become even louder and more persistent than before; this is due to the fact that basic adjustments to what is currently being done can save on energy, lowering the need to build another power plant. It does not take an energy guru to figure out that assisting businesses to save money can never be a bad investment.

Converting waste into a resource: as we become more environmentally conscious more persons are on board with the idea of creating a resource from what many of us consider to be trash. Many ideas abound here as public waste can be converted into gas. Technology exists that can do this conversion with little to no impact on the environment.

Storage of grid energy: one major disadvantage to renewable energy that is a constant source of debate is its sporadic nature. The sun does not shine every day and the wind does not blow at the required force either nor does water flow at full force all throughout the year. As such emphasis is being placed on technology that can store energy.

Green Economy: Does It Include You?Since today, June 5 is a World Environment Day, everyone must highlight the need for a paradigm shift towards a more sustainable world. The 2012 theme is Green Economy: Does it include you? and the host this year will be Brazil. Leveraging your ability to influence leaders is easy: join in the WED celebrations around you and take advantage of the collective power in numbers; start your own event and invite others to participate. Remember that every action counts!

United Nations Environment Programme(UNEP) identifies 10 Sectors for a Green Economy:

  • Buildings – Construction has consequences – let’s construct a better world!
  • Fisheries – Seafood is delicious and healthy – but depleting our fish stocks isn’t!
  • Forestry – Support certified sustainable forest products
  • Transport – Congestion, pollution, traffic accidents . . . there’s a better way!
  • Water – Use water wisely!
  • Agriculture – Use your consumer power to support local, organic and sustainable agriculture!
  • Energy Supply – Our lifestyles demand energy, but is the demand too great on our resources?
  • Tourism – Tread lightly on your travel destinations.
  • Waste – If everything you buy becomes waste, where will we put it all?
  • Manufacturing and Industry – It’s no big secret that industry and manufacturing have been rough on the environment – but things can change, and you can help!


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