Green Business, What To Learn From Those Who Achieved Results

Greener and Cleaner Energy

Businesses Eyes Greener and Cleaner Energy.

Doing our part to support Mother Nature is something that many of us strive for, especially in the business world. Many companies want to know not only how they can ensure their products are manufactured and distributed with the environment in mind, but also that their day to day business within their warehouses and offices are done in a green way. Companies like California-based, Micro Solutions Enterprise (MSE) have made it a key part of their business model to keep the earth in mind, and they have been able to achieve amazing results.

Enacting Green Initiatives

When it comes to having your business go green, you cannot simply suggest that employees comply—you must insist they do. Setting initiatives in place within the company will allow you to set the standard for environmentally conscious behaviors and habits at work that will allow your company as a whole to make a large impact.  MSE has two general categories of their green initiatives: waste prevention and recycling. When it comes to the manufacturing of their toner and printer cartridges, they always recycle foam cap, which are repurposed into carpet padding rath

er than being sent to a landfill. They also participate in a waste-to-energy program, which involves taking commercial and residential refuse and converting this trash into enough energy to power more than 20,000 homes. They reduced the amount of packing material used when shipping their products by 80 percent. Their recycling efforts involve recycling more than 2 million toner cartridges and 1.38 million pounds of plastic, cardboard, mixed paper, and steel aluminum.

What Kind of Impact Do These Initiatives Have?

It is easy to be weary of how much of an impact you can reasonably make, but the truth is every recycled bottle or piece of paper really adds up. To put it in perspective, in 2011 the recycling efforts of MSE resulted in the offset of approximately 2,112 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse-gas emissions. What does that mean? That means they saved CO2 emissions equal to:

-          Nearly 237,000 gallons of gasoline consumed

-          Nearly 5,000 barrels of oil consumed

-          En

ough electricity to power 263 homes for a year

-          The emissions from 88,000 propane tanks used on home grills

The Gold Standard in Going Green

It never hurts to learn from the success of others, in fact, it is the best way for you to judge just what kind of impact your own business can make. Learn more about how Micro Solutions Enterprise achieved the gold standard in green initiatives, and be on the lookout for more green minded news about the toner company.

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