Go for a Greener Holiday Gift Giving

Art from Recycled Material

Art from Recycled Material.

This coming holiday season, exchanging gifts with family and friends is customary. However, for individuals who are into green living, giving away environment-friendly gifts is mandatory. It is not enough that you simply give somebody a gift to serve a memento of your love. Influencing your loved one to become a supporter of green living just like you should be your other goal.

Here are great gift suggestions to promote green living within your community:

1. Recycled arts, crafts, and bags
Visit a flea market and try to look for interesting recycled crafts that are not only nice but very useful too. Bags made out of used plastic or hardened paper are great gift choices. There are a lot of recycled home décor items that you also can settle for like vases made of out used bottles and jewelry boxes from old cardboards.

2. Home made greeting cards
In this world where electronic greeting cards are very popular, you can go back to the basics and give out greeting cards made from recycled paper instead. These cards are more personal and intimate than the best e-card. Plus, your recipients will be able to cherish it for a longer period of time. This kind of gift is perfect for parents and grand parents.

3. Wood furniture
Out in the forefront of green living are wood and wood-based products. Wood is a staple of green living practices because it doesn’t require chemicals to manufacture and can be very artistic. So instead of giving away furniture made out of plastic or iron, choose wood instead. Note that wood can also be used as the main material for toys and other personal effect items. Those are going to be great choices for you too.

Greener gift giving practices should be the way of life of all the people around you. Consider the gift options listed above for there can be quite effective in showing your friends, families, loved one, and strangers how you care for the environment.

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