Five Green Gadgets for the Bathroom

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Green Gadgets for the Bathroom

Going green means more than simply recycling household waste. Every room in the modern house is being re-styled with more environmentally friendly building materials, fitted with better furniture and accessories, and cleaned with safer products. The bathroom is no exception. Technologies on the solar market for the bath are becoming available.

The greatest achievement one can make in greening a bathroom is to reduce water use in toilets. In urban areas, this can be accomplished by installing low-flow or dual-flow toilets. Where allowed by zoning, often in suburban and rural areas, composting toilets can reduce water use to near nothing. Solar composting toilets harness the energy of the sun to power the moving parts of the composting system. Not only is water conserved, but an organic fertilizer is the end product.

A large number of people don’t live where this is a practical option, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go green.

Solar (light) powered bathroom scales are now available. Although they will be able to operate on the light from a 100-watt bulb, it is recommended that near a sunny window is a preferred location.

Another solar gadget is the Soladey-3 Toothbrush. This device has been created by a Saskatchewan (Canada) dentistry professor. It requires the same amount of light as a pocket calculator. A solar panel in the bottom of the handle captures and sends electrons through the brush where they react with the natural acid in your mouth. No toothpaste is required. This product is still in the testing phase.

Suction-mounted clothes drying racks take direct advantage of sunlight. They attach to window panes or tile walls with suction cups and can hold up to 25 pounds of wet laundry. The bars are natural wood. Many people already hand wash and dry some articles of clothing. These racks allow one to take advantage of sun from windows, or to position the rack so drips fall directly into the tub or shower.

With very little effort, anyone can find bathroom cleaning products that use fewer toxic chemicals and work just as effectively as the harsh products that saturate the market.

While at a scale beyond that of a mere gadget, residential solar power systems allow people who are dedicated to reducing energy use to take full advantage of the power of sunlight. Such systems can heat water, provide extra heat for chilly bathrooms, and power some or all electric devices. Complete systems include monitoring for efficient energy use.

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