Even non-Desert Dwellers Need to Think About Water Usage

I recently got very worried about my access to water. Having grown up in Scotland this has never been a big problem for me. If I ever wanted to see some water all I had to do was open my window and nine times out of ten, there would be plenty of it falling from the sky.

Water Usage

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However, on a recent trip abroad I spent a couple of months near to a place which is rather ominously called the driest town on Earth. I felt my skin start to dry up after just a few hours there and it made me appreciate for the first how lucky those of us with constant access to water are. In fact, after a while I almost missed the Scottish rain.

I noticed that all of the houses there had water storage tanks but I was surprised to find out later that they are becoming much more popular these days. Why is this and who uses them in a country with seemingly enough water to go around?

Money Savers

If you think about it, catching rainwater in a tank and then using it to water your plants or wash your car is a way of getting something for nothing. Instead of seeing the water run away you get to hold onto it and use it when you need it. We don’t need to depend upon this water like those people in the desert do but it is a very nice way to cut down on your water bills. My Dad would be especially keen on this idea, as he hated the idea of paying for his water. Actually, he hated the idea of paying for anything so any money saving tips were always welcomed by him.

Green Thinkers

The level of water consumption across the globe is something which now worries a lot of people. There are many ways of using less water in your daily life but water storage tanks provide one of the easiest ones. This way you only use drinking water for consumption purposes and the stored rainwater can be used for other things. This is a small step on the way toward being more environmentally friendly but I think that it is a process which is best carried out slowly but surely anyway.

Golf Courses

Have you ever considered how much water is needed to keep a golf course in tip top condition? The one in my home town was always more like a golf bog than a golf course so it isn’t a great example. However, further south the green keepers need to use a huge amount of water to keep the greens and the fairways looking great. This is why they use so much water. Any restriction on water hoses is going to be a big problem for these people, so it is no surprise that golf courses are among the biggest users of water tanks in the UK. I didn’t see any golf courses in the desert but I know that there are some in really hot, dry places so I can only imagine how much water they need to use.

The Fire Protection Industry

While a golf course without water would be a problem, the fire protection industry without water would be a disaster. It doesn’t bear thinking about what would happen if they didn’t have their water storage tanks to keep them going. After being in the desert and seeing how precious water is to the people who live there I found it strange to watch how carefree many of us are with it in the UK. However, there is no doubt that for some industries it is absolutely essential.

I was quite surprised to learn that there are a lot more people in the using water storage tanks than you might initially think and their numbers are sure to keep on rising.

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