Energy is All Around Us

We hear a lot these days about energy. The common paradigm is that energy equals oil or vice versa, oil equals energy. Is that true?

According to people like Thomas Bearden and John Bedini, that is simply not true. Thomas Bearden, for instance, has the saying that “there is enough energy inside the space of an empty teacup to boil all the oceans and the world. The fact is well known in the scientific community and was, for example, a favorite quote of Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman.”

For these men, energy is not a matter of oil, or wind but a more available and concentrated form that seems to be all around us all the time. Thomas Bearden is famous for saying that we are surrounded by an extremely active,  non-visible environment called the vacuum. In this vacuum, virtual particles are popping in and out at extremely rapid rates. These particles are in the unseen world of the vacuum. This energy is available for our use, and scientists have shown how to harness it.

John Bedini is a self educated practitioner in the free energy movement. He has designed systems that run by themselves without common exterior power sources. One of his devices, a small motor, ran for almost 7 years all by itself, under these conditions.

He produces these machines and even shows you how to produce them. His company even sells kits that you can buy that demonstrate how these machines work.

These men stand on the shoulders of such people like Nathan Stubblefield who developed a wireless telephone that used natural conduction through earth and water. He simply had this system plugged into the ground and it was working great. It used Earth batteries and loops that plug into the ground at the sending station and the receiving station. The power was never switched off, and it worked both day and night. That was back in 1892.

Who can forget Nicole Tesla. He has been designated the inventor of radio. It seems Marconi some of Tesla’s work. Nikola Tesla design generators network inside of Niagara falls. His wireless transmission of energy would’ve solved a lot of our problems of today if they hadn’t been killed by men like J.P. Morgan. Tesla was way ahead of his time and he knew it. Most of his inventions were patented, while some didn’t see the light of day. He was afraid that those people who didn’t understand what take advantage and use his ideas to harm others.

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