Eco-Friendly Solutions For Your Business

Eco-Friendly Solutions For Your BusinessThere are many reasons to be eco-friendly in your business practices. Besides the fact that doing so is beneficial for a planet that we all share, it can also increase your business and improve your reputation. Being green is popular these days, and popularity can help your bottom line.

Luckily, there are a lot of eco-friendly practices that don’t cost much. Some are even free. Most of them simply require making some informed choices, such as learning about the possible options for a new piece of machinery and choosing one that is ecologically friendly.

Free and Easy Changes

If your business has not already done so, make sure to implement new policies that focus on conserving energy and reducing waste. Compost and recycling bins can greatly reduce the amount of trash your business generates, depending on what it is you do. Make sure to educate your staff about using these bins as well, so that everything possible is kept out of the landfill.

Energy needs can be reduced by keeping lights off when not needed, but also by avoiding ‘vampirism’. This is the less-than-technical term used to describe appliances or devices that pull electricity even when they are off. Computer monitors, televisions, power cords and more can all do this. Plugging them into power strips which you turn off at the end of the day can reduce your energy use without harming your productivity.

Lowering Emissions

Large machinery that runs on fossil fuels can put out as many emissions or more than the average car. Although all emissions-producing motors are regulated to some degree in the US, there are cleaner and less clean options. A diesel engine that uses the latest in electronic sensors burns the fuel more thoroughly, and thus produces fewer emissions.

Non-road diesel emissions standards are set by horsepower and published by the EPA. Some models are better at filtering out emissions than others. Those that do not meet emission standards on their own may sometimes be able to do so if an exhaust after-treatment device is attached.

An engine labeled as Tier 4 Interim meets current EPA standards, but does not meet the stricter standards that go into place in 2014. Those labeled as Tier 4 Final satisfy both requirements. While engines that meet the requirements in place at their time of sale are permitted to remain in use, engines labeled Tier 4 Final are more ecologically friendly.

Have High Standards For Others

Doing business with other green companies helps the entire industry support itself. If at all possible, try to do business only with other green companies. If this isn’t practical, use as many green options as possible.

A lot of times, finding other green businesses to work with doesn’t seem like an option, but you really just need to look a little farther. This might mean getting online and working with a business halfway across the country, or it might just mean expanding your search radius from two towns over to three. Either way, the extra work required is usually well worthwhile.


One of the most important things that anyone can do for the planet is remain educated. New technology is being created, and older methods are being reevaluated every day. Knowing what the current opinion on any number of products, procedures and practices is can help your business remain at the forefront of green solutions.

Joining a green newsletter for business professionals, or signing up for a digital subscription of a green magazine can be a fun and useful way of remaining up to date. An eco-friendly magazine or website focused on your industry may also be a good thing to keep up on, since there may be some solutions that are unique to your field of business.


There are a lot of things that a business can do to be more ecologically friendly, ranging from turning off the lights to buying a new, lower-emission engine for your heavy equipment. Some of these things will bring financial benefits to your business, such as reducing electricity costs or making you eligible for tax breaks based on your equipment. Others will have no appreciable effect of your bottom line, but will still help the earth stay healthy, which is just as important.

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