China Introduced Solar-Powered Buses

In order to ease our dependence on foreign oil, we ought to transition ourselves to alternative sources of energy. One of the many promising of these is solar energy.

With the current skyrocketing prices in fossil fuels, enormous amounts of investment cash have been flowing into the solar sector and because of this, solar technologies has been advancing at a rapid pace. It’s turning out to be one of the more promising solutions that we have, and ought to soon turn out to be an economically viable contender in the electrical generation field.

China Introduced Solar-Powered Buses For the first time in a city of northeast China, buses that utilising the power of solar photovoltaic cells have been launched by the Chinese company in their role to push the development of green technologies.

Produced by the Heilongjiang Qiqiar Longhua New Energy Automobile Co. Ltd., the solar-powered buses consume 0.6 to 0.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity per km. and it can accommodate a maximum 100 passengers.

The Company technicians stating that solar energy can prolong the life of the lithium batteries used to power the bus by 35 per cent.

China has been struggling with environmental degradation in recent years, and hopes the new buses can push toward a new China, which is “greener and cleaner.”



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