Bye-Bye Hallogen, Hello LED-Tips for Greener Lighting

As a society, we need to be more careful about the energy we use, and this includes our lighting. Many people were cutting back on their energy bills by replacing high energy-using light bulbs with halogen lights or other low voltage bulbs.

But there’s a new green bulb on the market today that is more beneficial to the planet and to your wallet. Green LED bulbs are the new way to be more energy efficient.

What are green LED bulbs?

Bye-Bye Hallogen, Hello LED-Tips for Greener Lighting

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Green LED bulbs are eco-friendly light bulbs that can and should be used to replace your traditional lighting sources. Green LED lights are also more efficient and better than other green lighting systems, such as halogens and CFLs.

Green LED bulbs can be used for both residential and commercial uses. They have the same shape as traditional bulbs, so they can easily fit into your current lighting systems. Green LEDs also give a complete all-around shine that can truly illuminate a room instead of focusing on one area. LED lights are also much easier on the eyes than traditional bulbs, and they absolutely will not flicker. Plus, if you place your LED lights on a dimmer switch, you will still receive a decent amount of light even on the lowest setting.

What are the benefits of going green with LED?

Green LED lighting allows you to save money. LED lights last about 35x longer than traditional bulbs, and 3.5x longer than CFLs. Since you’ll easily receive more life out of your green LED bulbs than you would your traditional or CFL lighting, you will easily save a large sum of money over the lifespan of your lighting.

Green LED lighting is also great for the planet. Green LED lights use anywhere from 50-90% less energy than traditional and CFL bulbs. Less energy use saves the planet’s finite resources to keep us around and prosperous for longer periods of time. Plus, the energy savings also means that you’re using less energy, so you will see a drastic savings in your energy bills.

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting also contain harmful chemicals, which is not good for you or the environment. These lights have been known to contain mercury, carbon dioxide, lead, arsenic and unhealthy UV rays. Green LED lighting does not contain any harmful chemicals, which makes them safer for your family and the environment. Plus, green LED lights will not explode or shatter if they are dropped, making them much safer for your home.

Green LED lights have also received an Energy Star rating, which not only solidifies their dedication to energy saving, but can also be a nice tax deduction for you or your business.

Energy efficient light bulbs have changed, and if you truly want to go green with your lighting, you need to invest in green LED lighting. These new light sources will easily save you A TON of money thanks to their extremely long lifespan and low use of energy. Plus, they’re much safer for you and the environment, making them a must-have in every home or office.

If you want to do your part to save the planet, say buh-bye to halogens and CFLs, and hello to green LEDs.

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