Buying a Home? Get Energy Efficient Homes

These days, families are buying homes more frequently than expected. It is then very important that they all consider the kind of house that they are going to live into next. Living green is a new way of life that everybody should follow. A green home won’t just allow you to live comfortably – it would be a lot cheaper to run and maintain as well.


EnerGuide is the scale used in calculating the energy efficiency of a home.

To know if your new home is energy efficient, check out its engineer’s report. In most US States, the implementation of the EnerGuide rating is mandatory. EnerGuide is the scale used in calculating the energy efficiency of a home. It follows that the higher the rating your home has, the less energy you need to live in it comfortably. The ideal EnerGuide rate of your new home is 80 or higher.

As far as the construction of your home is concerned, you have to make sure that all walls ceilings are properly insulated. There should be no cracks, either obvious or hidden, that would permit airflow. You should be able to seal all windows shut so that your air conditioning system or room heater won’t have to work harder than it should. However, it is also important that your new home is built in such a way you don’t have to rely on either your heating or cooling facilities very often. You should be able to just open the windows and let air in during the hot summer to feel comfortable. Or shut your windows tight during the winter and be warm and safe inside. Simply put, your new home should have optimum insulation.

All the appliances inside your home should also support to green living. Always look for the Energy Star seal of your appliances. That is one good way of making sure that you are consuming the least amount of energy as you power up these devices. However, that doesn’t give you an excuse to use a home appliance around the clock. The lesser the hours you use an appliance, lesser carbon is produced. And the less carbon footprint you make, the more you help the environment.

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