Bio Fuels: The Alternate Way to Travel

Bio Fuels: The Alternate Way to Travel

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The introduction of alternative fuel sources for our cars is something that, with the current focus on global warming, is increasingly relevant. If, like so many people, you are conscious of what effect you are having on our environment with your car, you might want to look into an alternative fuel source. These eco-friendly power sources will help not only the planet but, in some cases, your wallet!


One of the biggest forms of alternative fuel is something that you use every day in a number of ways – electricity. One of the electric cars most sterling features is that it produces no direct emissions. Although the production of the electricity does incur some depreciation in coal supplies it is very much a long term strategy in terms of the finite nature of the planets natural resources. Electric cars are becoming a regular sight on roads all over the world and cars such as the Nissan Leaf and G-Wiz are examples of electric-run cars that have stood the test of time.


Biodiesel and ethanol are other great modern alternative fuel sources. Rather than being made by the regular means, both biodiesel and ethanol are produced through highly sustainable and eco-friendly methods making them, you guessed it, great for the environment. The petrol you buy now is legally obliged to contain a certain amount of ethanol but Suzuki’s E25 Sedan, set to go on sale soon, is a great example of a car running on it entirely!


Our next alternative fuel comes from Japan. Water, that most essential of natural substances, has been traditionally overlooked as a source of fuel, but no more. The Genepax from Japan, currently in development, uses hydrogen electrons from water to power its motor. It’s incredible stuff and could prove to be the flagship of alternative fuels if early indications are anything to go by.

Vegetable Oil

Finally, just as revolutionary as the other suggestions listed above, is the introduction of new vegetable oil fuelled cars. These cars are powered 100% by recycled vegetable oil, which is something that has had scientists and environmentalists excited for a considerable time. Whilst not as developed as other alternative fuels, Volkswagen has produced a number of bio-fuel Beetles that run entirely on recycled vegetable oil, so whereas oil might not be great for your heart, it certainly is great for your car.

Finding alternative sources of fuel is something that will become an absolute necessity in a future where oil based alternatives’ days are numbered. Our obligation to get into the habit of eco-friendly living is a phenomena taking the world by storm, and these new technologies, combined with us all just contributing a little, are the obvious way forward.

Greg O’Hara is a writer and second year English Literature student at the University of Leeds. He runs his own blog with regular readership and is a contributing writer and illustrator for a number of independent publications. He is here writing for EU Lighting, who specialise in low energy , eco friendly lighting including LED car bulbs.

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