A Call For Moral Action To Develop Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

A Call For Moral Action To Develop Renewable Energies.

There is scarcity of energy in this planet. There is huge pollution and the population of the earth is growing. With the growing population in the world, energy requirement is also growing. Scientists all over the world are looking for alternative sources of energy that does not pollute the environment. They are looking for ways to create natural electricity.

Coal is very costly source of energy and is in short supply. Most of the electricity generated in the United States is through coal. Using this source of energy has potentially damaging effects on the earth as burning coal produces the largest toxic waste dump in the world.

Nuclear power is another source of energy but it also produces toxic nuclear waste that is very difficult to dispose. If you are looking for a good source of pollution free sustainable energy then you will have to opt for solar panels or wind turbine. You will be required to pay some money as an advance and then you can create energy at your own home at a daily basis. Not only does this effort on your part save money on your electric bills but also reduces carbon emissions.

Building a working solar panel from suitable material may not be as difficult as you may assume. The solar cells in the solar panels transform sunlight into electric energy. All the solar cells in the solar panel are wired together to produce the required electric power. Once a homeowner is able to configure and install a working solar panel he or she will have plenty of electricity to run all the electrical appliances of the house without depending on a power company.

This sustainable source of energy keeps on working year after year without any interruption or difficulty. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that most of the hardware stores stock all the materials needed to build a home solar panel and it will cost you around US $200 to buy the materials.

Packets of light energy are known as photons and the solar cells capture these photons and convert them into electrical energy by a series of complex chemical reactions. Crystalline silicone cells transport the electric current and the voltage generated in this way can be collected and stored in batteries for future home use or can be used directly by connecting directly with the home or building requiring power.

Wind turbine energy is also another great source and it is reported that if only three states in the US are able to harness electric power to their full potential they will be able to supply power to all the fifty states in US. Individual home owners can also set up wind turbines at their homes for pollution free energy. There are both vertical and horizontal wind turbines that use propeller blades to create friction. The wind moves the propeller blades overcoming frictional resistance, thus moving the turbine motor and creating energy.

Apart from this wave energy is another sustainable and pollution free source of energy that has not been fully utilized yet. Hydroelectric power is not considered to be a sustainable and clean source of energy since it causes many ecological problems.

Feel free to relax and view this video about renewable energy sources.

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